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Paintballing with Hezbollah

A Case So Cold It Was Blue

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One Tablet PC Per Child Tablet PC aka “iPad10”

I got to test out a number of Tablet PCs at one of the education projects I’m helping out. My opinion is that they are complete crap and even worse than I expected at the 81 USD price mark, for several reasons:

  • Of 6 units I tested, 2 were obviously defective (one would not charge past 12% and one constantly emitted a high-pitch squeal)
  • Overall build quality is poor
  • Devices show deep scratches, bubbles under the protective film, and other physical damage as delivered
  • Most of the cases I saw (I only checked a dozen or so out of 40 units delivered) were black or white, with some hot pink thrown in. This is a horrible thing for distributing to a group of kids.
  • Battery life is the worst I’ve ever heard of for any tablet PC – under 30 minutes of normal use
  • The touch screen is unresponsive and frustrating (removing the protective film made it a bit better, but resulted in really bad smudging)
  • Even though the battery capacity is so limited, charging time from near empty is around 80 minutes
  • Even the power adapters are crap; they get very hot and the cords are too short
  • This tablet is the second slowest I’ve ever used – the first being a very similar Chinese unit I tested two years ago
  • This tablet features perhaps the only graphical user interface I’ve ever used that doesn’t support drag and drop
  • The Android OS loads so slow, it has time to show off 3 boot screens/loading sequences

On the positive side:

  • The accessories for the tablets are good. The case, USB keyboard, and USB/ethernet dongle work just fine.
  • The product markings make for a fine conversation piece (iPad5, iPad6, iPad10, 4G, 64GB)


Software info:

Oh, baby! Photos


These were probably taken at Gilroy Gardens, but it’s hard to say since we rode so many carousels on our trip home. It’s definitely not the Santa Ana zoo, either of the South Coast Plaza ones, or the one that used to be at Balboa Island, since the new owners are apparently complete dumbasses who forced the 80-year-old attraction away from the iconic Fun Zone. Such is progress when shitbirds call the shots.

Music Videos

Japan vs. Korea – Double Bass Drum Pedal Edition



They need to form a superband and classify it as “Visual Winter Sonata Kei!”

(from Ko)

Oh, baby! Photos

Max’s Lego Animals

The Master
Oh, baby!

Over the hump

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Mommy will be back soon.

Trying something new today: Mina went to stay with Nam’s family, and Max is with daddy. They’ve never been split apart like this and I was curious to see how they would cope. So far, it’s just not been an issue for Max; we’ve had a blast eating yogurt, playing with legos and drawing pictures. No call from the in-laws means Mina is probably fine, too. Who could have guessed?

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nuff said.

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Coco Blues

Chillin' Oh, baby!

168 hours of “where’s mommy?”

Nam left for Japan last night and will return in exactly one week. Mina slept like a log, but Max woke up a bunch of times and needed attention… I’m sure they’ll take turns throughout the week, but for today, Mina is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Max is eating and recharging slowly, and daddy needs a lot more sleep. Luckily, our favorite nanny (P’Kaew) is working for us again and comes every day to help out.

Oh, baby! Photos

Rain shower

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All that glitters

It’s perhaps a fortuitous sign that I realized the lip balm I borrowed from my wife is shiny before I got to work.

Oh, baby! Videos

Fred Rogers, master of the old school

Spurred by the recent Garden of Your Mind video, I downloaded several dozen episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and showed a few to Max and Mina yesterday in the background as they played with legos and watercolors. Mina was indifferent, but Max was entranced for a good while. There’s a lot of talking on this show, and I seem to remember that being an annoyance to me when I was watching it thirty plus years ago. Max seemed to lose interest as Fred droned on and on about things, but perked up during psychedelic trolley scenes and horrifying puppet shows – just as I remember doing. So if you want to try something old school in your kids’ TV lineup, you might try MRN.

And of course, watching any breaking video is a good enough reason to show Little Superstar again:

Toys & Tech

How to solve unsaved tabs error with Google Chrome

Is Google Chrome not saving tabs or sessions after a recent update, even after you’ve checked the appropriate box in the settings (“Continue where I left off”)?

Try disabling the Google Cloud connector in the advanced settings. It worked for me!

Food Oh, baby! Photos

Roscoe’s Chicken, Long Beach

Roscoe’s – approved by the Yoshida Clan. 5 thighs for $6 (take out only) cannot be beat. We tried the chicken, fries, and waffles, and ate them in a huge park we passed by. Next time, we’ll try the mac n cheese, collard greens, and sweet potato pie. Please excuse the chicken-grease-on-cellphone-lens photos.


Music Videos

Auto-Tune the Fred Rogers

Oh my god this is so good.

(via my pal Alex on Facebook)

Exploits Oh, baby! Photos

A baby fell from the sky

@Lover's Point, CA
Music Thai Society/Culture Videos

My new favorite Thai band

Actually, I never had one before. This is Jui Juis:

Photos Thai Society/Culture

Thailand ends here


Thar lies Laos.