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Breaking Fiction (Misirlou backing)

Awesome Breaking Bad – Pulp Fiction montage:

Breaking Bad // Pulp Fiction from Jorge Luengo Ruiz on Vimeo.

by Jayme Soares

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Thai Breakfast of Champions

If you’re a Sarakham native, you know where you can get this for 19 baht ($0.54 US, not including beer or sticky rice). And if you are not, I’ll take you.

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Nissan Leaf Insane Mode?

Teslas are badass. This much is indisputable.
But Nissan Leaves (Leafs?)? Not so much.

It occurs to me that eco-minded people (or bespectacled geeks, as shown in the vid) occasionally want to be badass, too; it’s just that a Leaf is not ideally suited for that purpose… It would also very much surprise me if a stock Leaf could outperform a stock 180SX.

The first problem you would run into when trying to organize such a test, of course, is finding a stock 180SX. As a sister model of the Silvia S-13 (ahem!) and ultra-iconic drift car in all of its forms (beginning with the first-gen “pignose” models), there probably hasn’t been an unmodified one since approximately two weeks after the last third gens rolled off the production line in 1998.

I miss my Silvia.

Around Mahasarakham Food Photos

What’s wrong with this picture?


In the land of Loe, Chnag, and Sanghi.

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Absolutely Brilliant Mashup – Hell’s Club

Although a bit more edited than what you would normally call a mashup, this one is among the very best I have ever seen:

The only real criticism I have is, what’s a brother gotta do to get some Layer Cake up in this bitch?

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Kujira in the Woods


Beware, there’s a monster in these woods!
#Kujira #Crown #black_or_die

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