How to Stop Spam SMS messages from True (TrueMove H)

I’m fairly satisfied with my monthly TrueMove H internet subscription; it’s fast enough and I’ve never run out of my monthly high-speed allowance (although I am careful not to download or stream too much with it). One thing that always bugged me about it, though, was the number of stupid spam messages I would receive from True, especially since I’m using this SIM with a Nexus 7 tablet (that doesn’t even have a phone function!).

Eventually, I got around to looking it up and found that it’s very easy to unsubscribe from the SMS spam sent by True themselves:

  1. Call *137 from the phone you want to unsubscribe (I had to put the SIM from my tablet into a phone to make the call).
  2. Press 9 for English.
  3. Follow the automated instructions (as of 2014, you press 1 to unsubscribe from SMS spam although this may have been changed to pressing 2 in April, 2020.).

That’s it!

The only problems I have found after doing this for a few friends are that sometimes the system gets overloaded, and sometimes True has no control over 3rd party spammers – in which case you should look for an app to help filter your spam while praying feverishly that the spammers quickly die horrible deaths and are reborn as toilet brushes.

Chicken Braised in Milk

A couple weeks ago, I found a recipe so strange that I was inspired to make it the next day: Chicken in Milk

I’ve marinated chicken in milk before (but always grilled it or roasted it afterward), so I knew it would have a tenderizing effect. All of the descriptions of this recipe are spot on — it’s really a quite strange flavor at first because it’s a totally new flavor combination — but it’s delicious and gets even more so as you get used to it. We ate the whole damn chicken and it was PERFECTLY TENDER. I may try different flavor combinations with milk, it was so good.

I served it with garlic mashed potatoes and boiled greens:


English camp at Lampao Dam


Taro came to visit, so I brought him along on an overnight English camp to the reservoir at Lampao Dam in Kalasin. Usually this point is so crowded with people going to the “beach,” I can’t wait to leave, but because off the cold weather it’s just our group here today. At sundown, even the souvenir vendors had already left… and getting here this morning in my Crown was one of the best drives I’ve had in a long time. She is queen of the road.

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