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Sugoi Ramen, Maha Sarakham

My review on Google Maps basically says it’s sugokunai. Mushy noodles and lukewarm broth are just not my thing, but Thais seem to love both. I just want to put some photos here.

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Legendary Guitar Otaku Video

I can just watch this again and again:

Can’t figure out which one I love more:

I love that OF COURSE someone knows which guitar he used (some kind of strat) to record my fav song of his, Once Upon a Time in the West: Gear on album Communiqué

UPDATE: MY NEW FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEO (note: you must change settings to play at 1.25x speed)

Now it would just be irresponsible if I didn’t link my favorite guitar documentary ever, but I recommend buying it in HD because this version is very low quality. Here it is, tho:

Food Photos

Hematogen – the Russian Cow Blood Candy Bar!

Today I learned about Hematogen (latin: Haematogenum), which is a nutrition bar partially made from black food albumin taken from processed cow’s blood. Yum!



I also fell in love with the website where I found the original photos.

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Winter Wedding Photos

Nam’s younger brother’s tying the knot today.