Monkey Atlantis

Maha Sarakham’s premier tourist attraction is under water!

The monkey forest park in the nearby town of Kosum Pisai (AKA Monkeytown) is now completely flooded. The river running through it is usually quite wide and only about a meter deep; it’s a great spot to relax under the trees and watch fishermen throwing cast nets as a fresh breeze blows through and monkeys steal food from cars and incessantly mount each other.

Now, it’s under several meters of floodwater because the Ubonrat Dam upriver was opened after the heavy rains.

Pushed out of their home in the forest, the monkeys are now living up the street at the school and the temple, and even cruising the streets around town.

Hopefully, the monkeys can go home again soon so that order is restored in Monkeytown.

Our cat ate an enormous spider.

Our cats catch and eat almost anything around our house. I’ve seen them eat rats, mice, squirrels, sparrows, pigeons, geckos, skinks, lizards, frogs, and bugs. The only things they won’t touch are fish from the pond in front of our house and toads, so they really do know what is and isn’t good for them.

The huntsman spider in this video is pretty big, but I’ve seen bigger both inside and outside our house. They are pretty scary and amazingly fast, but I usually try and catch them to release them away from our cats.