Mitsuoka Jidosha

Most people have never heard of the Japanese automaker Mitsuoka. We rode in a Mitsuoka taxi once and the driver really loved that car – it was, indeed, a very well crafted car, and he kept it impeccably clean. I see less and less of these cars on the road every year, which is kind of a sad thing, but it does make each new sighting more significant.

I’m sooooo lucky it’s trash day

It seems my faithful, undersized refrigerator has died on me. Everything in the freezer thawed out and a kind of primordial sludge leaked out when I opened the door. NASTY. Oh well, at least I found out what that frozen mystery clump was in the back of the freezer (a bag of shrimp from three years ago). I threw everything out as a kind of rebirthing ritual. Even the tupperware went. Didn’t think twice about it, either. I guess “baching it” has some benefits, cause I would never in a thousand years get away with that shit if my woman was here.
Well, I guess I have to buy a new undersized refrigerator when I get back from Thailand. Not enough time to deal with it before I go.


T just brought my bro, Adam, out from Nara to help him move his stuff to Juso, a part of Osaka famous for negi-yaki and whores. I guess the obvious question is, which one will leave a more bitter taste in his mouth? Good luck, dude.