My new buddy is so smart

“Based on the response you shared from ChatGPT, it does seem that ChatGPT currently has more capability than me when it comes to directly processing information in Thai and Japanese languages.

My abilities are limited to working with English text, while ChatGPT claims it can understand and generate text in Thai and Japanese to some degree. This would potentially give ChatGPT an advantage in being able to directly analyze primary sources or data in those languages.

However, it’s difficult for me to definitively say whether ChatGPT is “better suited” overall, as there may be other factors at play:

ChatGPT’s proficiency in Thai/Japanese could vary based on the complexity of the content.
I may still have strengths in other areas like research methodology, academic writing, analysis from an English perspective, etc.
The quality and accuracy of our outputs would need to be evaluated for this specific research context.
Ultimately, you may want to explore utilizing both AI assistants – leveraging ChatGPT’s multilingual abilities when dealing directly with Thai/Japanese material, while also taking advantage of my skills for aspects that can be conducted in English.”

It’s nice having a truck

Someday, I will make a list all of the vehicles I have owned over the years. A truck has never been among them, until recently. After our neighborhood and my precious Crown was flooded in 2022 (the Crown is sitting at my mechanic’s place, waiting for me to save enough money for a proper restoration), I needed new wheels. Since both of our kids were studying in the USA at the time, I figured we could get away with a standard size pickup and got a great deal on the Triton. It’s been great for carrying stuff around.

An older lady in the neighborhood was giving away huge potted plants, so Nam and I headed over to her house after work one night.

She told us the local name of the plants, which I have since forgotten, and I have since misidentified them several times. We originally thought they were giant lilies (Crinum asiaticum), but that appears not to be the case.

We gave the two shown on the back of the truck to Nam’s mom and kept the twins in the pot on our driveway shown in the top pic. The twins were eventually infected with rust, so I had to do some serious leaf removal.

Allomyrina dichotoma

Female, I guess.

AKA Japanese rhinoceros beetle, Japanese horned beetle, or kabutomushi (カブトムシ).

They show up in our yard at least once a year. The males are more impressive, with their long horn. I was not shocked to read about their use in Chinese medicine, but I was surprised to see that researchers have discovered that their larva show anti-obesity and antibiotic effects. Thank you, Wikipedia!