I can’t tell if this guy just put a random sticker on his car, or if this is a plea to the gods because he hasn’t changed the oil for five years. Seen in a random parking garage in Bangkok.

Flushing out the cobwebs.

I’ve done a clean install of WordPress because things were getting slow and I had problems using Jetpack and some outside services as well.

It was a pain in the ass, and I may change my webhost in the next month or two, but things are running a lot faster now.

This is a test. Or a pineapple pen.

Our Big Boy

There’s this girl from school that likes Max. He’s chatting online with her right now in the other room; I can hear their little voices as they talk about whatever kids talk about. They’re only 10 years old. It feels… strange. Very cute but kinda funny?

All I can think of is: