Off to Ski

Adam and T came to Sumoto tonight. We are immediately leaving on a ski trip, so we might not be reachable for a couple days… Breaking from tradition, we are headed for a closer ski resort in Hyogo instead of going all the way to Nagano this year. Happy new years, all!

Let’s just call it del.ish

Look what just popped up on screen:
Once again, please note that YAHOO’S BUYOUT OF DEL.ICIO.US HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RECENT MINOR GLITCHES/OUTAGES IN SERVICE. Last time it was a server upgrade. The time before that it was a power failure. This time, it’s that GODDAMN JOLLY SAINT NICK FELLER.


The Federal Trade Commission has somehow convinced itself that their pitiful attempt at stopping spammers via anti-spam legislation is working.
Uh… Do any of those idiots actually use e-mail on a regular basis?

X-mas Confession

I did something quite strange this year. I bought a Christmas cake, and ate it.
I have officially been in Japan for too long.
The cake was tasty, though.

Definition: Nirvani

(Sanskrit) [Also nirvanee, nirvanin] One who enters, or has entered, nirvana.
We still can’t figure out why Beat Takeshi had Iranian factory workers greeting each other with this word in the movie “minna yatteruka.” It bears further inspection.

Fun with Sharpies

May this serve as a warning to never fall asleep in the same room that Adam and Michelle are drinking in. Amazingly enough, I had nothing to do with this. I just documented it for posterity.

The funny thing is, T doesn’t seem to mind. Yet. I might try taking him to a sento to see if how people react.

Delta Blues

Just wanted to point out an outstanding site dedicated to the blues: Junior’s Juke Joint
The design is simple, and I suspect that’s the way Junior likes it. Don’t let the looks deceive you – it’s filled with great stories and links. If you dig hard enough you’ll happen upon some real gems, like the ones below:
Eric Clapton: Me & Mr Johnson
Nellie Jackson’s Whorehouse
That third link is pretty much a must-read.
Blues fans might be surprised to hear that I’ve met way more Robert Johnson fans in Japan than I ever did in the states.

Chikan ha akan

Finally: Sweet, sweet justice.
After my little sister got stalked home by some sicko in Sakai last year, I have absolutely zero sympathy for these fuckers. I’m also happy there were a couple of off-duty cops involved, as it may prevent the civilians who took the guy down from getting in trouble.