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Conquistador and Castle

This guy’s photos are so good, they don’t look like photos.



mandal boom

I tried embedding this from Twitter directly, but it cut off the punchline in a non-obvious way, so here it is in its full glory instead:

Original Tweet:

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Why TripAdvisor Sucks.

Holy shit, no wonder Northeast Thailand is so misunderstood:

The closest the Mekong River comes to Maha Sarakham province is around 170 kilometers away, in Mukdahan. One of the tributaries of the Mekong, the Chi River, does flow right through Maha Sarakham province and city, so it is connected, but if you want to use that logic, I nominate the Adriatic Sea as a wonderful Thing to Do in Maha Sarakham Province.

Also, the Mekong probably shouldn’t be grouped into Nature & Parks anymore since the water is barely flowing at times and most of the wildlife is dead and gone. The most accurate description for the foreseeable future is, “Heavily Exploited Power Source Where Giant Catfish Once Lived.”

I clicked the green See 1 Experience button shown in the lower right corner of the graphic above (the actual page is here). It took me to a page called OVERVIEW MEKONG DELTA (My Tho – Ben Tre)… Both of those places are in Vietnam for fuck’s sake! Not sure if Trip Advisor is aware if these two countries are not same same or if they are aware and it’s all just keyword games (because the word “Thailand” is in the link for a page having nothing to do with Thailand), but either way, it’s fucking despicable… Shitty travel sites should at least be responsible for lightly educating the shitheel tourists and backpackers they foist on the locals, yo.



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Best Lazada Product Name EVAAH

With Glue Static Electricity Glass Film Spread Love of Gomon Translucent mo sha tie Cafe Restaurant Tea Shop Decoration

I’ll take alls.



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TikTok is all Mina would do all day, if I didn’t force her out of the house to go shopping and stuff.


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We are Cosmic Buddha

Aadab arz hai.

They are not us, yo :

Cosmic Buddha has never charged for music, mostly because we know we suck (although that obviously does not stop others). We have not released music for many years, but we have the Real Media files, several mixtapes, and Y2K coding errors to prove we were first. Our band predates our blog on this domain by 10 years or so, and it’s been going since 2003.

Also, here’s some album art and gig posters from back in the day:

The DRAGON year.
Funk you, dude!
Apologies to Rollins Band…
Third mixtape/ First live gig art
Second mixtape art
First mixtape art
First unregistered music company


UPDATE: Really?

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Marchall Amps AKA Weiduka

I was online looking for a cheap amp to replace my current cheap one (which has bust a capacitor or something and picked up an oscillating ground loop type hum) when I stumbled onto this beauty of a knockoff:

“AC8.8 power filter 3,000 Watt high-end “

At first glance, I thought it was a legit Marshall product made for millennials, because with the similar font, my brain just skipped over the odd letter.

But this is only part of the reason this is one of my favorite knockoffs this year. The other lies in the specs:

Wongchongkrong noise is the sound of the People’s high-end AC power filter…

Wongchongkrong for the people!


Buy your own Wongchongkrong generator here.


My Password Global Edition

Via Hacker Newsletter


Old World Language Family Tree

Even after four years since its publication on SSSS, this is still one of my favorite images to just sit back and appreciate… Sometimes I just stare at this and listen to Nujabes when I’m thinking about something else. Karelian! Ludian! Vepsian! The names run wild in my head.


Text to Image Generator

Note: Do not ask this AI to generate a picture of someone sitting next to you, unless they happen to look like a Dali-Picasso hybrid: Text to Image

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Will blogging get a second chance?

Maybe after FB withers and joins Hi5 and MySpace in the Afternet, blogging will come back big… I really don’t care that much, but it would be kind of cool to see people writing more and emoji-ing less 😉

Also, WordPress completely prevented my posting capabilities today until I installed their new editor plugin called Gutenberg, which really reminds me of early HTML editing software (PageMill? GoLive? Claris?). I mean, I thought we ditched block editors for simpler editing tools… Or are there only nerds and techies still blogging?


Unified Orientation

Via Reddit, the most important protest sign of this generation:

Web travel agency review

According to their customer support, will not automatically sit your family together UNLESS you specify it at time of purchase and pay extra for it. They repeated more than once that this is specified in their terms and conditions, in reply to my multiple requests to not have my kids sit next to strangers (again).

Hopefully, this is enough to let you know what kind of operation they are running.

I do not wish for anyone to click on the links below, but am including them for indexing purposes:

Yes, I am aware that the airline is in charge of final seating decisions. The thing is, we’ve been flying KAL for 30+ years with no issues; we are long time Morning Clam members and I’m even flying on a reward ticket (the tickets are for my wife and kids).

Please be aware of this unethical company and their stupid policies!


Visa Denied

The best immigration headline I’ve seen all year:
Swiss town denies passport to Dutch vegan because she is ‘too annoying’

I have now seen real democracy in action.


Analog is best.

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.


Master Yoda Wasn’t Wrong…

… it all needs to be burned down.


1977 – 1983


*fantastic Baby Bjorn chop by Prefer_Not_To_Say