Hatsukoi Redux: School’s Out in HD

Back in 2006, I became a bit obsessed with a video I found on this newly-purchased video sharing (or was it video dating?) site called YouTube. It was a 2-minute ad shot in Hong Kong for Nintendo featuring a catchy tune with enchanting vocals called Hatsukoi by Mayumi Kojima (小島麻由美). I blogged about it back then, and looking at the comments, it actually led to a meetup in real life that led all the way to Thailand (where are you, bro?).

That video has disappeared and reappeared (only on YT) several times over the years, always in [potato x potato] resolution, and I’ve tried to keep the post for it updated with a live embed… So it was to my great surprise to find an HD link for it today, after I’d updated the low-res version on my blog post, of course.

Those notes she hits in the chorus (after the lululala) still really do it for me, which is sadly not something I can say for all of the music I used to love – I listened to a lot of it way too much and I can’t even sit through a whole song most of the time now.

I’ll paste the JP lyrics to Hatsukoi by Mayumi Kojima below, because most Japanese lyric sites still employ anti-copy technologies from the early 90’s, which are very annoying.

小島麻由美( こじま まゆみ )



わたしを置いて どこへも 行かないと ゆびきりした 夏の日
悲しい気持ちで目が覚めた 少女の頃に戻った夢

ルールララー わたしの心は水色
ルールララー あの頃想えば水色

誰かに似てた 遠い昔 背丈を気にしてた少年
わたしは何に恋してた? その顔さえ白くぼやけて

ルールララー わたしの心は水色
ルールララー あの頃想えば水色
メリーゴーランド まわるよ

ルールララー わたしの心は水色
ルールララー あの頃想えば水色
ルールララー 心はいつでも
ルールララー あなたを想えば水色

Jui Juis – จอมโจรขโมยใจ (Chom Chon Khamoi Jai)

One of my favorite Thai Indy bands, even though I only have one… Juijui took the iku iku iku / itai itai itai jokes of the pre K-pop peak to the next level; homeboy was basically a genius who could be very cringe, as my kids would say.

This one is pretty amazing for a guy who doesn’t seem to have studied Japanese very much.

Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media – Funky Stuff (1975)


You may think you are cool… But you will be much cooler after you pour this in your ear and let it seep from your pores and permeate throughout your personal space.

I mean, until you hear homie singing and humming along to the bass line, you really haven’t lived. This is what he looks like:

Our storage room with all my Case Logic gear was flooded in October. So I’ve been going through the absolute mess made of my perfectly organized collection and listening to CDs for the first time in 20 years. There’s some real gems in there.