Thai-specific perk

This week there are girls from the Science Faculty coming around to our offices every afternoon to practice foot massage on anyone willing… and who am I to deny their further education? More than a few people took pictures of both my feet being massaged at the same time as I dozed off on the sofa in the teacher’s room diligently filled out the supplied grading sheets.

Dogs and Cars

The story of restoring my beloved Kujira Crown is long and unimportant. The sad fact is that the shop promised to be done in a month and a half and it’s been four and a half months with it still not quite done. On the upside, I won’t feel bad for getting it done so cheaply because promises are being made and broken on a weekly basis. I’m a simple guy. Don’t waste my time and you will be duly compensated. Fuck with me and I’ll make you suffer… Is this somehow on me? Did I ask for too much? No. The owner of the shop has some family issues and let it affect his business… He has acted most egregiously and will have to pay for it. But really, that’s not the most important thing; I JUST WANT MY FUCKING CAR BACK!

Soon, the Crown will come home. Fuckin’ eh.

UPDATE: This is what my MS-60 Kujira Crown looks like now:

First Day of School

This is from a few months ago, but I forgot to post it until now. Don’t worry, the little kids at Max’s school aren’t self conscious enough to care about having to wear fake tartan skirts/shorts.

Max’s uniform schedule:
Mon to Wed: Red tartans
Thursday: Poorly sized yellow athletic outfit
Friday: Blue tartans

Mina’s nursery school has no uniforms, and sometimes she chooses what she wants to wear by herself.

Perfect Chicken Pot Pie

As perfect as it gets for NE Thailand, at least:

@ Greenleaf, a restaurant located down the street from Khon Kaen Airport

It only tasted about half as good as it looked, which was still pretty good. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the plate was flipped around the wrong way until after I took the photo. On the positive side, I’m pretty happy with the quality of the camera on my Desire HD. It pretty much replaces a pocket camera, not that I ever carried one regularly.

Dog Show at Central Plaza, Khon Kaen

And when they say, “show,” it’s like a spectacle for people who have never seen dogs before and might mistake them for food or something. The only other time I’ve heard of dogs displayed in a cage like this was at Nazo no Paradise (raccoon boner heaven), when they advertised a new “zoo” about 20 years ago and a few people, including my ex-coworker took their kids up to see it… only to find a roped off area next to the muddy parking lot adorned with cages labeled, respectively, “monkey,” “dog,” and “cat.”