First Day of School

This is from a few months ago, but I forgot to post it until now. Don’t worry, the little kids at Max’s school aren’t self conscious enough to care about having to wear fake tartan skirts/shorts.

Max’s uniform schedule:
Mon to Wed: Red tartans
Thursday: Poorly sized yellow athletic outfit
Friday: Blue tartans

Mina’s nursery school has no uniforms, and sometimes she chooses what she wants to wear by herself.

6 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Yes, no matter what they’re wearing, both Mina and Max are adorable! I think I’ve seen Winnie-the-Pooh wear the same sort of tartan plaid that Max is sporting. Very posh indeed!

  2. We need photos of Max in his other two outfits! Yay!

    And I *love* that Mina’s wearing the fishy dress we got for her last year! It finally fits!

  3. Already in tune with the two finger symbolism. How about three fingers? Will somebody start a three finger symbol?

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