Happy…. Ending?

On the long road home, we came across this at DMK…

By the way, Don Muang International is now the best airport in Thailand as far as I know. All the amenities and nowhere near the madness or scale of Suvarnabhumi.

A Tale of Empty Plates

This week was quite an eventful one. We found possibly the best restaurant in Issan, Max threw up in a bubble room, and we had a couple exceptional meals.

I wrote the post a couple weeks ago, but WordPress had a brainfart until today. Oh, well.

Nardi 14″


Just centered this bad boy with a tire iron and a cop came to ask me if he could borrow some tools to fix his motorcycle… He wasn’t a very good mechanic, and I ended up adjusting his carb with the mixture and idle adjustment screws.

The kids are still at TKD…. I feel like a soccer mom waiting for them to finish. A soccer mom in a lowered, black 1971 Kujira Crown.

Highway to Kosum

This photo was taken when I was cruising down the highway in the old Crown to meet Max, Mina, and Nam, who were at a friend’s second house out in the countryside.

Can you see the wing mirror?
Can you see the wing mirror?

Sometimes the sky here is really awesome. I watched a thunderstorm last week off in the direction of Roi-et that had the most regular lightning I’ve ever seen.

Clapping Music Interlude

Sometime in the future, I will open a bar. Bands will be welcomed to play live, in a rotating fashion. If a certain song or band gets tiresome, a projector screen will drop in front of the stage and this video will be played until the next band comes on.