ring size

Measuring my wedding ring. I already forgot what size it is; ring sizes are the same as shoe sizes – there’s a bunch of different systems. They really should standardize that shit.

Osaka Parking

Courtesy of the G-man, who declares, “I LUV OSAKA.” ($100/hour fine for unauthorized parking)


A garbage can we found in the parking lot of a town hall/ancient waterfall way out in the sticks. The marking indicates it’s for disposing of leftover soup?!?


We walked up to the top of Hatsuo dam and found the newest levee, a massive concrete wall currently only controlling a trickle of water. The harsh whiteness of the walls stands out like a scar viewed against the surrounding forest environment. This is a washed out photo of the No Trespassing sign adorning it.

Warabi mochi trike

Traditional Japanese tricycle used by warabi mochi vendors. I think this was taken in front of the guy’s house! The trike was just parked on the street in front of the house, and the front door was open.

Radar Detector

My trusty cheap-ass radar detector. I go through one of these every couple years which is how long it takes for the solar panels/battery to run down. I need to run it solar because my Silvia’s cigarette lighter is broken. Come to think of it, that’s a problem I’ve seen on many Silvias, as well as the 240/180sx. Design flaw, methinks.

New Awaji Ferris

I was shocked to see they are building a new ferris wheel at the Awaji parking area close to the big bridge. That’s just what this island needs! A new ferris wheel (there’s already one at Onokoro amusement park). That’s it, fuckers – take my tax money and RUN!

Skinny Fugu

The skinniest fugu in the world, seen in the fish tank of a Chinese restaurant in Tenri.

LED Lighter


This is like the coolest invention of the month – a disposable cigarette lighter with a battery-powered LED lamp embedded in the bottom for use as a small flashlight. The label on the side says it can be used 1,000 times for 5 second bursts.