Morning Market, Vientiane

The morning market in Laos has been replaced by a multi-story shopping mall… Vientiane has been hugely developed in the seven years I’ve been travelling there. The best way to describe it is as a medium-size Thai city with more third-world bright color gaudiness and even more garbage on the streets.


We stopped by a coffee shop where the waitresses wore silk skirts and platform shoes.


We sat at a really cool coffee bean-filled table.

Then we got photobombed by an angry old man.

20130820tongs-canon-LAO076 - zoom

Yurusare Gyaku Yunyu

“Yurusarezarumono” was the Japanese title for the Clint Eastwood movie, “Unforgiven.” Although I’ve used it improperly in the title of this post, the term, “gyaku yunyu,” means reverse-importing (importing products made by JP companies overseas into JP). What I’m actually trying to fucking say is that a noted Korean director, Lee Sang-il, is directing a Japanese remake of “Unforgiven,” starring Ken-fucking Watanabe (fucking in a good sense).

Go. See. Trailer. Now. (Learn. Japanese. Now.)

(via Adam)

How I envision the start of Max and Mina’s Jaeger piloting careers

After all, winning comes after getting schooled:

This is what I thought of when I read Kevin’s comment on my last post.

UPDATE: Adam linked to this video a long time ago. I actually remembered it being somehow funnier than this… So after writing this post, I researched it a bit. It turns out that they had to re-make it with different music due to some stupid copyright complaint:

“They canned the 1st version “work it out on the floor” because they were having some copyright issues…the song was basically a parodied version of “Get? it on the floor” by DMX, I guess they were butthurt that a stop motion animation show made a superior version to their song ^_^”
– From the YouTube comments

Luckily, the original version is still up at metacafe (and now lies safely in my archives as well – Max will love this like nothing else): The Original Voltron Gets Served

Thai Jaeger – The Golden Buddha Mech

Somewhere between the Chiang Yuen and Sam Sung districts on a two-lane highway lined with rice paddies and stands of vines and overgrowth, there is a secret Jaeger base under construction.




When completed, this powerful addition to the Pacific Rim forces will boast three powerful weapons to fight the scourge of Kaijus: Tree Falling in Forest Kick, Cosmic Bodhisattva Blast, and Spinning Lotus Beam.