How I envision the start of Max and Mina’s Jaeger piloting careers

After all, winning comes after getting schooled:

This is what I thought of when I read Kevin’s comment on my last post.

UPDATE: Adam linked to this video a long time ago. I actually remembered it being somehow funnier than this… So after writing this post, I researched it a bit. It turns out that they had to re-make it with different music due to some stupid copyright complaint:

“They canned the 1st version “work it out on the floor” because they were having some copyright issues…the song was basically a parodied version of “Get? it on the floor” by DMX, I guess they were butthurt that a stop motion animation show made a superior version to their song ^_^”
– From the YouTube comments

Luckily, the original version is still up at metacafe (and now lies safely in my archives as well – Max will love this like nothing else): The Original Voltron Gets Served

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