Countdown: 7 days

In exactly one week, we will have additional babyage (in case you can’t tell, that is).
December 6th, here we come!
It’s a bit hard to believe, even as the truth protrudes further every day. Meanwhile, Max is learning new things every day and is showing incredible understanding for a 1.6 year old.

Google Wave: First Impressions

  • It looks just like the Hotmail layout. I only know what the current Hotmail looks like because I saw a noob using it in the wild the other day.
  • Holy shit it’s unintuitive
  • The difference between nested/unnested replies is, for the most part, totally fucking unclear
  • I feel like one of the cool kids now

That is all.

Want a Google Wave invitation?

Hit me up in the blog comments, send an email, or think about me hard enough to set off my spidey-sense.
Note: I plan on giving away a couple; the rest are for family.
My Wave invite (and Gmail as well) came from Osaka Bill, so anybody who gets an invite should feel compelled to sign the petition for The Cure to play live in Japan (except that the actual signing page seems hosed. Oh, and the deadline passed 2 years ago..).
UPDATE: Invitations have been reserved to be sent to a couple lucky winners; Google says that they aren’t always sent out immediately. Also, the Cure petition ended because they actually played at the Fuji Rock Festival in 2007 after a 23-year absence from Japan. Duh.

Unit Conversion Software

Thinking between metric, imperial, and traditional Thai/Japanese units is not so easy for a math wimp like me, so I rely on unit converters to do heavy (and sometimes quite light) lifting:
For a dedicated Windoze app I use Converber. There are many like it, but this one even has some Thai measurements in it.
A good online unit conversion utility can be found here: Online converter