Countdown: 7 days

In exactly one week, we will have additional babyage (in case you can’t tell, that is).
December 6th, here we come!
It’s a bit hard to believe, even as the truth protrudes further every day. Meanwhile, Max is learning new things every day and is showing incredible understanding for a 1.6 year old.

5 thoughts on “Countdown: 7 days

  1. what was that thing about holding lower or higher or something like that? Lower was boys and higher was girls…. So is this latest addition being held higher or lower? So this is a boy, isn’t it?

  2. dude, that’s crazy looking! i hope mom and baby are happy and safe after all is said and done…i will be keeping you guys in my thoughts!

  3. Wow, is Max having fun patting Nam’s tummy? That’s got to feel crazy-full. No playing the drums!
    Congrats, and good luck!

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