Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio aren’t available in Asia…

…so hey, fuck you and your stupid attempts to listen to music legally. On the other hand, BitTorrent works quite well, so hey, fuck you, too. The music industry (as we know it), the movie industry, and copyright in general will be dragged into a completely new system, no doubt kicking and screaming, but hopefully within our lifetimes. Anything less would be a massive failure on our part, tantamount to the way we were handed down reefer madness and the war on drugs.

Grunion Hunting

Hunting is a lot like fishing since fishing is basically waiting.

Waiting for Grunion scouts at Doheny State Beach, April 2012

I, Big Kahuna

My sister teaching me how to pose with a surfboard.


Trying to get past the break.



Full retreat.


My little sis showing how it's done.