Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio aren’t available in Asia…

…so hey, fuck you and your stupid attempts to listen to music legally. On the other hand, BitTorrent works quite well, so hey, fuck you, too. The music industry (as we know it), the movie industry, and copyright in general will be dragged into a completely new system, no doubt kicking and screaming, but hopefully within our lifetimes. Anything less would be a massive failure on our part, tantamount to the way we were handed down reefer madness and the war on drugs.

6 thoughts on “Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio aren’t available in Asia…

  1. I know Pandora’s service was whisked away from Korea-based listeners because of all the pirating. Come to think of it, Hulu’s availability in Korea is also sketchy at best. I don’t know anything about Spotify and Rdio, but at a guess, they’re not available in Korea, either, and for the same reason. What’s the situation in Thailand? Is pirating a cottage industry there?

  2. Kev: Pandora was blocked from ALL countries outside the US in 2007 and all its international listeners were cut off until “licensing agreements are established in individual countries.” To date, that hasn’t happened and instead, Pandora almost went under and missed their IPO because of the royalties problem.

    You should try Spotify while you’re still in the US. It’s like Pandora with UNLIMITED SKIPS (and an admittedly less-slick design).

  3. Hmm, just stumbled across your blog entry. I’ve noticed that in the past month Spotify seems to be detecting Tor users with US exit nodes addresses; the usual Tor exit nodes (“desync, whistlersmother” or plain “{US}” etc) no longer work for me now. Which ones do you use?

  4. Aw, crap, looks like you’re right. I was using {us}. I’ll try and research this and update this post if I can find a solution.

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