Updated Sayings for Generation Facebook

Updated Saying for Generation Facebook #1

If you don’t have anything nice to say (besides how many pretend associates you’ve whacked in your virtual crime syndicate or how many ethereal planks and nails you need to complete an imaginary stable), don’t say anything at all.


Return delayed?

Mina has broken out in red dots all over her face and back… Roseola? Fifth disease? Measles?
Going back on the 27th does not look good – there’s no way they’ll let her through looking like this.
More later.
Who knows how this will turn out. Sometimes you just have to relinquish control and let things be how they be. You know, just let it flow. Like this:

Toys & Tech


I used to be an apple weenie, but then I decided to live in the third world, and as we all know, apple doesn’t care about poor people. So it’s been a revelation visiting home and using my sister’s iPhone for a week when she was on a cruise, and to a lesser extent, my mom’s MacBook to aggregate photos and video from several different sources.
The iPhone was pretty cool and three killer apps for me were Google Maps (although I tried the Android version on my cousin’s phone and it was even better), Gmail, and a Mafia Wars-type world war game that I got addicted to in a frighteningly crack-like way.
What really tickled me, though, was seeing an iPad for the first time. My cousin S got free tickets for Stars on Ice (which people still call Ice Capades) a few days ago and invited us to come. We took the babies and I had to check in our stroller at the Guest Link office at Staples Center before we could enter the stands. While I was getting my claim stub, a woman came in with her iPad, sobbing. She explained that the ushers were insisting that she had to check in her “baby” because she couldn’t have it in the stands. When I left, she was still trying to convince the clerk to make sure nothing happened to her baby and going so far as to wrap it in her cardigan.


Play it faster, play it faster!!

Talking to my dad’s older sister today, I learned something very important. My father has the only western name (as opposed to Japanese) among all his siblings because his oldest sister named him after a popular actor at the time, Dave O’Brien (real name David Poole Fronabarger). The other thing of great importance is that Dave O’Brien had a memorable role in Reefer Madness.
That is all.


Having fun

We didn’t even bring a camera, but everyone around us is taking photos so I’ll gather them all together just before we leave. Anyways, that’s one reason I’m not posting photos.

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Yub Nub – Pwning interspecies relations since 1983

You need to watch this video for your life to be complete. Really.

Via my bro.
BONUS: A subtitled barbershop quartet rendition, if you’re into that sort of thing
UPDATE: If you’re nerd enough to have come this far, you deserve a top shelf link: Total Recall: The Musical

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On FB: I’m going to sit back and laugh when karma punches you in the face

Oh, baby! Web

Latest Early Child Care Research Network Findings

Day-care kids are more impulsive and take bigger risks.
In other news, kids that hang around Catholic priests are more likely to be bribed with cookies.

Chillin' Toys & Tech

A quick note about the Garmin nüvi 1450t

I bought one today for navigating around my home country… Took it home from Walmart and thought it was broken because it wouldn’t sync with the satellites. Eventually decided to look it up online and one Amazon reviewer said that it took quite a while to acquire a satellite signal upon first use – so I took it outside, restarted, and let it sit on a plastic table for a while. Almost ten minutes later, it was good to go.
It’s funny, though, if I hadn’t read this review on Amazon, I would have thought it was defective for sure.

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Yet more reasons for quitting Facebook

Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook
Why You Should Still Quit Facebook
Baa baa click click have you any nails?

Exploits Oh, baby! Videos

@home 2010

Justin, Nam, Max, and Mina are visiting the Yoshida clan home in Cali for most of May. We are checking email sporadically, but are offline as much as possible. I know that means missing out on gems like the following, but that’s a relatively small sacrifice to make.

Oh, baby! Photos

Dave and Michiko Visited…

…Bearing many gifts, one of which is a Radio Flyer with more bells and whistles than you might believe:

  • Padded neoprene cushion on wagon bed
  • Front and rear seatback cushions
  • Modular drink holders
  • Front and rear saddlebags
  • Huge wheels with inflatable tires
  • Removable sun shade
  • Genuine cork grip handle
  • Foldable (underneath wagon) handle for easy storage
  • Rack and pinion steering (to prevent tipping)

Max and Mina now cruise in more comfort than daddy in his Kujira Crown. Thanks for the gifts, guys!


Rishi Indian Food – Roi Et, Thailand

A friend told me about this restaurant more than a year ago, but with babies and whatnot, we never had the chance to try it (although we were actually parked in front of the shop debating whether to order take away six months ago – we didn’t have the time to wait). Our friends Dave and Michiko are visiting from Japan, so yesterday, we all piled in the Crown (4 adults + Max) and drove for an hour out to downtown Roi Et just down the street from Roi Et Plaza and the Roi Et City Hotel.
Nam ordered a bunch of stuff on the phone before we left home, and simply stated, it was one of the best Indian meals we’ve ever had while also undoubtedly being the most affordable.
We cannot recommend this place enough.
37/1 Santisuk Road, Amphur Muang, Roi Et


Facebook Privacy Policy Timeline

I haven’t written about Facebook’s privacy policy for a long time, mainly because everybody who cares about it is already in the know, but the EFF’s timeline for Facebook’s eroding privacy policy is worth reading.

“Facebook originally earned its core base of users by offering them simple and powerful controls over their personal information. As Facebook grew larger and became more important, it could have chosen to maintain or improve those controls. Instead, it’s slowly but surely helped itself — and its advertising and business partners — to more and more of its users’ information, while limiting the users’ options to control their own information.”

You are worth money to them, and not much else (hell, they won’t even give you a Dislike button!).