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Hatched two Snorlax last week from 10km eggs, and caught the third on the way home from school today. Nam and Mina got one a piece, as well. Mina actually started crying when Max and I got ours (the kids play on our phones) because her phone was at home, so we went and got it, then rushed back to the spawn point. It all worked out in the end.

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Mina’s New MS Paint Creation


I don’t have the heart to tell her MS Paint sucks because she does so well with it. I only ever used it for pasting screenshots back in the day.

Around Mahasarakham Food

Sustainable Food Product in Maha Sarakham

It tastes like shrimp, I swear: Fried scorpion anyone?

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Back in Back



Thai Nickname Survey

I’m posting the surveys here for my thesis entitled, “The Effect of English Loanwords Used as Thai Nicknames on Speakers of Standard English.”

The following surveys are for Thai people who fall into one of the following categories:

This is the link to the cover letter: Survey Cover Letter

Thanks for your support!

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On our recent trip to Surin Province.

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Round eggplant tip

After 10 years of experimentation, I have finally figured out that medium-sized round eggplant is the best. Too small, and they are bitter. Too big, like in the photo above, and they are soft, tasteless, and the seeds are too big and numerous.

The seeds are actually an important taste component. They can be big, they can be numerous, but they can’t be both because it makes the overall texture too soft. This is something nobody ever mentioned to me.

Something really interesting – I’ve seen people have allergic reactions to only the big ones. Specific symptoms were an itchy and swelling throat.
So stay away from big round eggplant!