Play Center at Robinson’s Roi-Et





A couple months ago, they opened a new mini-mall called Robinson’s Living Center in the next city over, Roi-Et. I teach in Roi-Et on Saturday mornings, so Nam and the kids went to check out the new mall… They had a very well equipped and expensive (for Thailand) play area where parents could dump there kids for a couple hours. We never leave them unsupervised in strange places, so Nam ended up with a lot of photos of their play session.

New Ransel (randoseru)


On a trip down to Bangkok last month, we found a shop selling randoseru (Japanese school bags; link) in Pak Chong. We had been thinking about importing them for some time, because they are supposed to be good for posture, and the kids have to lug a ridiculous number of textbooks around. They had a pink one and a black one, so we didn’t even have to agonize over color choice. The kids love ’em, and a lot of other parents now want them, too.