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Best Halloween Headline, Ever

Mukdahan, Thailand – Thirteen Isan youths who dug up a pile of dead dogs to eat found out two days later that the animals had rabies.

Everybody loves free food.

Gaming Thai Society/Culture


It hath begun here in Thailand, where friendly spirits are mostly known for revealing winning lottery numbers and having extremely long arms.

UPDATE: Buddy candies are being quadrupled by decreasing walking distances 75%. Incense now attracts mostly Haunter and Gastly. Indeed, Pidgey and Rattata and other common mons seem to have been replaced by these types.


Don’t forget the raccoon boners

The World’s Only Phallological Museum? I think not.

Toys & Tech Videos

Technological Disobedience

And in a generation, that knowledge will be largely forgotten… Welcome to Walmart, amigos.