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Nam, Mina, and I invited my friend Taro to go on a road trip last month and we played Okinawan music in front of thousands of people. We got back a couple weeks ago, but it seems like so long ago… I need to write about it here, but my time is split working and learning Adobe Premiere, which I’ve put off for years. Anyway, I still have many hours of reviewing and editing ahead, but I managed to put together a title screen.


eye was deceived

I thought I saw Dolph Lundgren in the crowd, cheering on Ken Miles in Le Mans ’66, but yeah…


honk mo




Producing again: Back to Mine

I started playing with FL Studio (which I haven’t touched since I was using FruityLoops on MacOS) last week and put everything into creating the perfect piece of electronic music:



Best Engrish Acronym Nuclear (BEAN)

The Drive has the scoop: This Subaru F.U.C.K.S.
UPDATE: Here’s the Apology Subaru Sent to American Dealers Over the Subaru F.U.C.K.S. Debacle



say wot?



Around Mahasarakham Photos

That's where they went!

Over at the Bangkok Post, I just stumbled upon the reason why Play Bar, De Loft, and Image club in Maha Sarakham shut down at the same time a few years ago – they got busted for serving minors: 11 pubs ordered closed for 5 years in Maha Sarakham

Memories, yo.

One day, Play Bar was just gone. Like, knocked down and smashed into rubble. We heard the guys running it opened another place, but it just didn’t have the same history as Play Bar… That was one of the first chill outdoor places here, and it all started less than ten years ago. Now there’s twenty places like that.


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Two-wheeled Uranai

Driving down a main street toward Mitraphap Road in Khon Kaen, something caught my eye…
It was a broken down bicycle with trailer (or maybe a tricycle with a bed?) being used as a mobile fortune telling booth!

Little things like this still blow my mind every day in this country – it’s part of the charm.

Fortune telling is still a huge part of the culture, and for some reason, tarot cards seem to be getting very popular from what I see online.

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One of these is not like the others…

She’s older than all the others combined, and will probably still be running after they have all gone.

This is my parking lot at work. Our building used to be the administration building, which is why we have a flag pole in front. A military reservist comes to raise and lower it every day.

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Starting 2020 with a Seiko Snow Monster

Last year, my trusty Citizen fell casualty to careless banging on steel door handles when rushing out of classrooms, so I decided to replace it with something a little more fun.

I like it so far.

Japanese Society/Culture Photos Web

Conquistador and Castle

This guy’s photos are so good, they don’t look like photos.


Music Videos

Best drum video, ever.

Watch a master handpan (hang-type drum) craftsman tune random pots and pans:

Actually, the whole video is worth watching if you have the time.


hey jude.


back to no caps for some reason.


Hey, ho, nobody home – A Japanese Version of Rose Red AKA Rose, Rose, Rose (round)


I was watching a video of my son Max’s choir group back home in WA performing “Rose, Rose, Rose” (a kind song known as a round, where one group starts off and the next group start to sing the same song a bit later, like “Row Row, Row Your Boat”), when a certain line hit me: ” Still, I will be merry…. “

I was suddenly transported 25 years back in time, back to one of countless nights spent around a bonfire in the cold hours before sunrise, high up in the mountains of Japan. My friends had taught me a Japanese folk song, a round with a catchy part about being cheerful even though you have nothing to eat and no place to stay…

Which sounds a lot like:

Meat, nor drink, nor money have I none
Still, I will be merry….

Western BBS-style digging on Rose Rose Rose: Origins: Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose (Traditional) and ‘Rose, Rose’ round: More verses?

Japanese BBS-style digging on Watashi ha Yadonashi de:

Jean Ritchie’s Peace Round:
A Nightcore remix (!!) of Emilie Autumn’s electric violin rendering of Rose Red

And here’s the non-Nightcore version: Rose Red – Emilie Autumn (with lyrics)

Hunting for videos of the Japanese version of the song (Watashi ha Yadonashi de) is where it gets really weird. The original version of the song by Masami Mizuno is not to be found anywhere, which is not really surprising since dinosaur music companies in Japan tend to threaten everyone for sharing even ancient recordings. So the closest we have are computer synthesized recordings utilizing Sinsy:

Strange, but in a good way.
The second noteworthy video I found of Yadonashi contains synthesized verses in both Japanese and English! Perfect!!

A Japanese illustrator recently wrote an interesting comic strip/blog post about this owari nai uta (neverending songs):

Toys & Tech


Found this in my Gmail outbox and was like WTF… Apparently, messages like these are generated when you unsubscribe from some mailing lists (as a unique identifier, I guess).

Toys & Tech

Google Maps to Rule Them All

I think that Google should be pushing Maps into social media harder because it currently controls the majority (the number I’ve seen recently is ~70%) of the online map market, but is getting undercut, mainly by Waze. For Thailand, outside of urban centers, Waze is complete trash (as are all other competitors except for dedicated GPS systems like Garmin). Plus, there are already 30 million Local Guides worldwide according to Google.

This is a step in the right direction: Google Maps tests a social networking feature with the ability to ‘follow’ Local Guides

Full disclaimer: I am an active Local Guide

If Google Maps would integrate the user-contributed traffic and police reports of Waze into an optional view of the current system, it would just be SO GOOD… Or how about attacking social media from a location-centric (specifically maps-centric) standpoint? And reinstating all the functions/data of Google Reader as well? Before Facebook and Insta cause the collapse of all non-soc media websites? kthxbai

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