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when they reminisce


Pete Rock FTW, yo.

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Walking in on an ugly guy making out with an ugly girl in a public restroom is not just horrible, it’s enough to make you regret having to pee at all.

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Dropbox bonus code

If you haven’t signed up for Dropbox yet, you can do so through this link in order to get both you and I an extra 250mb worth of storage space. There’s an app for the iPhone and Android as well.

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xx AM: Trapped between battling entities

To one side lies the Little Dozer, who cries out happily while seeing visions of puppies and other dreamtime pals, but also piledrives you off of pillows he suddenly wants. To the other, the Angry Rabbit who claws your eyes, pulls your hair, and screams until she gets a fresh bottle of milk.

Some nights seem to last forever…

And then typically between 6 and 6:30am, BAM!

Hey you, we want something! Get it, fast!
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Whale vs Sailboat (for real)

You fuck with the bull, you get the horns. (click that link for the after shot)

UPDATE: VIDEO has emerged!

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Maori Shortfin and Longfin Eels

This made for the most interesting reading in a long time: Maori Eels

Also: Saving New Zealand’s Superfish: The Longfin Eel


eel•water•rock•man from Orion Magazine on Vimeo.

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The Cure vs Bat for Lashes Mashup

The Forest is one of my favorite Cure songs, and this is one of the best mashups I’ve ever seen or heard.

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@Seaside, CA.

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Stolen Laptop Finder

I’m so installing Prey:

“Prey is a lightweight application that will help you track and find your laptop if it ever gets stolen. It works in all operating systems and not only is it Open Source but also completely free.”

It reminds me of the script used to surreptitiously take photos in Cryptonomicon.

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Mawlum Mawkhaen Farang

It was bound to happen sometime.

Check out his YouTube channel.

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Metropolis has a remembrance up about Charisma Man: Man of the Moment

click to see full size

I remember the first Charisma Man strip in the Alien; I might have even saved it somewhere. The strip was hilarious because it was just so apt. I had no idea that it was used as an insult outside of Japan, though.

Note: On the official site, it seems the merchandising has gotten out of hand. Space suits and condoms sounds more like Western Woman’s type of thing.

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keep moving

Someone needs sushi and a smile.

This photo is floating around the net today.

I wish my great grandfather, who had a photo studio downtown, had taken this… He was probably in the camps by then, everything he’d worked so hard for lost forever.

It’s incredible to think that we are still making some of the same mistakes to this day.

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Ode to my red compact two hole punch

Somebody stole my red hole punch,
the one I use for writing class.
It might just be misplaced,
but if I find the thief I’m gonna kick his ass.

Pictured above: Totally not a photo of my red hole punch.
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XFN Link for Buzz

Humans, please ignore this post.

<link rel=”me” type=”text/html” href=””/>

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ATTENTION: All past/present students of Japanese language/culture

…there are still some things you need to learn.

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Max Says Yeah

It took a while to get a good take of this routine. I guess we’ll eventually find out if it’s legally binding or not!

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Mina in Cornfield Blue

Why yes, cornfield blue is a color I’ve just made up.
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Friday finality

I think I’ve finally got this blog up and running the way it should be, so I feel great.

Woke up this morning, went to buy a traditional Isan breakfast of sticky rice and skewered BBQ pork, as well as some fried doughballs and a bag of rice porridge. Brought it all back home, got Max ready, and took him to school. Found a roadside vendor selling fresh durian and had him break down a small (~.75 kgs whole) one for Nam – she loves them (I merely tolerate them). Came home again to Mina babbling and scooting around madly on her baby walker. It’s been a perfect start for the day.

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Comments are working again

Now I need to figure out the Gravatar system. But not tonight. In the meantime, I’ve set the system to assign random ugly avatars to people without Gravatars. You’re welcome.

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WPMU: Final thoughts for the time being

WordPress Multi-user is not ready for the big time. This is evident from the fact that it’s not an option accessible from the WordPress GUI (it must be hard-coded by the user into a configuration file on the server).

My problem with it is that it relies on flaky rewrite rules you must, again, hard code into your .htaccess file on the server. Also, as I mentioned in my previous post, it makes you use specific directories for file uploading and changes your URL structure as well (credit where credit’s due: One of MT’s greatest strengths is the ability to publish any kind of static file anywhere you want it).

Judging by the size and passion of the WP development base, I have no doubt that multi-user will eventually be sorted out, but I cannot use it or recommend it now. Fortunately, my plan B is very simple: Dedicated WordPress installations for each blog I need to set up. This is the best solution for me now, and each new installation and setup should take about 10 minutes.

It was fun learning a new platform today (although less so by this last install), but I’m so tired I think I’ll forgo proper testing until later. Hope the comments work!