xx AM: Trapped between battling entities

To one side lies the Little Dozer, who cries out happily while seeing visions of puppies and other dreamtime pals, but also piledrives you off of pillows he suddenly wants. To the other, the Angry Rabbit who claws your eyes, pulls your hair, and screams until she gets a fresh bottle of milk.

Some nights seem to last forever…

And then typically between 6 and 6:30am, BAM!

Hey you, we want something! Get it, fast!

2 thoughts on “xx AM: Trapped between battling entities

  1. No way. They look like little angels. Don’t believe it for a second.

    By the way, you need to get video of Max’s footwork to Old MacDonald, to post — that boy can dance!

  2. Yeah, it’s just a learning phase that will be part of your lives for a long, long time.
    Right now, Mina cannot walk/chase/follow her big brother and get doors slammed in her face or get on his bed or put on his shoes. Until then, “Territorial Fearsome Twosome” Max is a little safe from “The Happy Smiley Baby Doll!”

    Get one of those black and white striped referee shirts and a whistle….it might help.

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