Producing again: Back to Mine

I started playing with FL Studio (which I haven’t touched since I was using FruityLoops on MacOS) last week and put everything into creating the perfect piece of electronic music:



Best Engrish Acronym Nuclear (BEAN)

The Drive has the scoop: This Subaru F.U.C.K.S.
UPDATE: Here’s the Apology Subaru Sent to American Dealers Over the Subaru F.U.C.K.S. Debacle



say wot?



Around Mahasarakham Photos

That's where they went!

Over at the Bangkok Post, I just stumbled upon the reason why Play Bar, De Loft, and Image club in Maha Sarakham shut down at the same time a few years ago – they got busted for serving minors: 11 pubs ordered closed for 5 years in Maha Sarakham

Memories, yo.

One day, Play Bar was just gone. Like, knocked down and smashed into rubble. We heard the guys running it opened another place, but it just didn’t have the same history as Play Bar… That was one of the first chill outdoor places here, and it all started less than ten years ago. Now there’s twenty places like that.


Photos Thai Society/Culture

Two-wheeled Uranai

Driving down a main street toward Mitraphap Road in Khon Kaen, something caught my eye…
It was a broken down bicycle with trailer (or maybe a tricycle with a bed?) being used as a mobile fortune telling booth!

Little things like this still blow my mind every day in this country – it’s part of the charm.

Fortune telling is still a huge part of the culture, and for some reason, tarot cards seem to be getting very popular from what I see online.

Cars Photos Work

One of these is not like the others…

She’s older than all the others combined, and will probably still be running after they have all gone.

This is my parking lot at work. Our building used to be the administration building, which is why we have a flag pole in front. A military reservist comes to raise and lower it every day.

Photos Toys & Tech

Starting 2020 with a Seiko Snow Monster

Last year, my trusty Citizen fell casualty to careless banging on steel door handles when rushing out of classrooms, so I decided to replace it with something a little more fun.

I like it so far.