Producing again: Back to Mine

I started playing with FL Studio (which I haven’t touched since I was using FruityLoops on MacOS) last week and put everything into creating the perfect piece of electronic music:


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Not sure I understand how the Sound Cloud thing works. I believe I hit “play,” then there was a four-second stretch of very agitated drums, immediately followed by very tranquil-sounding, generic Asian music that manifested itself unbidden. Were both pieces yours, or just the first one? Does that Asian music play at the end of everyone’s composition?

I liked the Louis Vuitton turd.

Yeah, it was a small drumkit test only, sorry. Soundcloud will automatically cue a next song based on your past music – unless it’s your first time, in which case, it pulls a random track out of its digital ass.

BTW sorry this reply took so long, we were on the road.

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