told you so

1. Google Maps is a killer app for Android and iOS (but the latter’s version will never be as good as the former’s)

2. Welcome to Maps on iOS6; all your base is belong to us


I think Steve Jobs would have been too smart to play it this way. As much as he hated Android, I’m pretty sure he would have been embarrassed by Apple rolling out a weak counter to Google Maps waaay before it was ready.

name cheap

I just dumped Network Solutions for Namecheap because NetSol is too expensive and their site is crufty and pushes unnecessary features way too hard. Thus begins my 2012 domain name consolidation – I have one straggler ( registered at Go Daddy, but I might just let it die there. Sure won’t give them any more business after they supported bills that would have infringed upon my internet freedom and god-given right to shaky Telecines.

Namecheap’s site loads very fast for me here in Thailand (90% of the time I spent on NetSol’s site was waiting for it to load), and I transferred and registered a new one (secret project) in under three minutes.

Here is my affiliate link (I get paid if you buy their services by clicking through it):