Last Post for 2009

There is a horrible show/channel we get on true visions satellite TV service here. It’s called Lin Ping Reality/The Panda Channel.
It’s not that I particularly hate pandas, just that I think they’re boring as hell. Why do they deserve their own channel/reality show for xmasman’s sake?
One good thing has come of this, though. I now know what color a panda’s bunghole is:
This is just one handy fact I learned this year – here’s to even greater discoveries in the year to come.

Doctor Fish Foot Spa

In the true spirit of Christmas, we visited the biggest shopping mall in this part of Thailand, Central Plaza Khon Kaen, that just opened a few weeks ago. We were mostly there to buy Max a new booster seat for the car so Mina could inherit his old one, but we stumbled across a very recently opened foot spa featuring 15 minute doctor fish treatments for 99 baht. We’ve seen doctor fish spas on TV for the past ten years or so, and we always wanted to try them out… I mean, a stupid fish willing to gnaw on my stinky dogs? I had to try that!
The verdict: It’s kinda freaky at first. The fish are actually eating you, so it takes some getting used to, but it was worth it. Your skin comes out feeling very smooth.

Note: Max was totally freaked out and wouldn’t touch the water, even though he usually likes fish and aquariums.

Mina burped directly in my ear today

…which I take as an extremely fortuitous sign. …and at last, I have time to blog again, all because of our Baby Bjorn carrier (thanks mom and dad!). I didn’t use it with Max for the first few months partly because he was so small (born 1 month early at 2,400 grams), but today I noticed that the label said it could be used for babies over 3.2 (?) kilos. Mina is 4.2 kilos as of yesterday (born at 3.5 and naturally dropped a bit of weight the first few days).