Minor Mina Update

Nam is dealing with breast pain and I’m taking care of the baby most of the time. It’s cool that she’s small enough to be carried around so I can basically do whatever I feel like doing. Sometimes I put her down, but I have this anxious worry that the blanket has fallen over her face, or that she’s rolled into a pillow, so I end up checking her every five minutes. If she’s sleeping too soundly, I end up poking her to make sure she still moves. She’s sleeping much more today than the past couple days, though.
I’ll get around to posting more photos sometime, but the truth of the matter is I think newborns look like old people, or sea turtles, for the most part… Mina looks much better than she did a few days ago, though. The ruddy complexion went away, and for the most part she looks a lot cuter and less sea-turtley.

Baby Mina! (with photos)

Everything went well!
We have a new baby girl… Her name is Mina (??), pronounced mee-na.
Unfortunately, almost no one in Nam’s family has the courage/skills to hold a baby, which means I am caring for Min and Nam while they take care of Max. Oh, well. Baby Mina is strong. Baby Mina likes being held. Baby Mina is already suckling. Daddy is going to upload a series of photos representing the first few hours with Mina via EDGE-enabled mobile phone, so it may take a while…


I ran around doing errands all day after waking up fairly late – Nam got up early to do something and she’s off doing something again. I’d protest that it’s better for her to lay around and get rest, but everybody deals with this kind of stress in different ways. We are excited, and happy, and anxious.
Tomorrow is a big day.
The C-section is scheduled for 9 am. I plan to watch. Max will be with his babysitter, and later at grandma’s house with his aunt. I will be caregiver for a week or so, in between teaching what few classes I have this week (there are holidays on Monday and Thursday).

34 hours and counting

We are officially scheduled to arrive at the private hospital behind SermThai department store at 8:00 on Sunday morning. We went to check out everything in person tonight and take over some documents from Nam’s OBGYN. I have been informed that I can watch the caesarian if I so desire… I’m still thinking about that one.
A small mountain of luggage has been prepared for the few days to a week stay we are planning on; I’ll load it in the car tomorrow.
We went to the clinic today for a final checkup and it seems the baby may be a big one… If head size is any indication, perhaps even four kilograms!
We are in a unique state of being anxiously busy yet trying to relax…

Alas, Netvibes Wasabi is not Opera-compliant

In older news, Chrome is the new Firefox, Firefox is the new IE, IE is dead dead dead, Netscape is the old Mosaic, and Opera is still Opera. Oh, and Safari isn’t as good as Chrome.
* I’m currently using mainly Chrome on my laptop, FF on my desktops (I’m addicted to too many extensions and have invested too much time on tweaks/shortcuts/optimizations to give it up, but it’s too slow on my portables), and Opera as a secondary on both, but am finding too many sites designed to hate Opera…