Props to Kris

This Hainan Chicken recipe vid that my cousin Kris made yielded a meal so good, we won’t eat it outside anymore (there are tons of these chicken rice vendors in Thailand, but I’ve never had one as good as we made a few nights ago). I tried making a couple different sauces and they both turned out really well. Thanks, Kris!

3 thoughts on “Props to Kris

  1. Wow! She’s a serious cook, it looks delicious. I had Hainan Chicken in Seattle a couple of times and it was pretty good but it didn’t look nearly as good as what your cousin just made. My wife makes Thai Chicken Rice (Cow Mun Gai) and it’s one of my favorite dishes but I don’t request it too often because it is a lot of work. Last time we were in Thailand, I ate it every other day for breakfast the entire trip and it was really pretty good so if you say that your cousin’s version tastes even better, it must be amazing! Thanks for sharing this video.

  2. Those looked like her Grandma’s practiced hands cleaning that hen, scrubbing with salt, lemon and plucking wee pin feathers….and it reminds me how baby-skin smooth and clean I feel after going to the korean spa!
    Great recipe and video! Every year I call to say I want to be invited to learn the “how-to’s” while her grandmother is there but it never happens, so the videos are a generous way to share kitchen wisdom!

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