5 thoughts on “Max getting down…

  1. Yayyy, dancy-dance! I love these videos because this stage of a toddler’s sudden display of uninhibited dancing in public areas disappears very quickly! Keep shooting these moments, okay?
    Max reminds me so much of you as a baby….we’d all be walking along and suddenly you’d hear music, stop in your tracks and begin bouncing up and down just like Max.
    My favorite memory is your love of baby dancy-dancing in front of the organ grinder’s monkey at the Redondo Pier. The monkey wore a red vest and cap and you wanted to wear the cap too.
    I think you loved dancing in front of the monkey because when it saw you begin the baby-bounce, the audience would laugh and on cue, the monkey would run back and forth, eyebrows shooting up and down and doffing his cap to you over and over again. Then he would collect money in his hat from everyone who’d gathered to watch you dancing and the monkey doing his thing.

  2. Obviously a life lesson, dancing very importatnt for cerebellar and vestibular development. Passing the hat important for trading in on bananas!

  3. OMG, dad actually wrote a comment instead of lurking! See how a good Maxie video can trigger the flow of neurochemicals in the emotional mid-brain and get a reply? Give the man a banana!
    And yes, Max does dance like a happy cockatoo.

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