Yurusare Gyaku Yunyu

“Yurusarezarumono” was the Japanese title for the Clint Eastwood movie, “Unforgiven.” Although I’ve used it improperly in the title of this post, the term, “gyaku yunyu,” means reverse-importing (importing products made by JP companies overseas into JP). What I’m actually trying to fucking say is that a noted Korean director, Lee Sang-il, is directing a Japanese remake of “Unforgiven,” starring Ken-fucking Watanabe (fucking in a good sense).

Go. See. Trailer. Now. (Learn. Japanese. Now.)

(via Adam)

1 thought on “Yurusare Gyaku Yunyu

  1. “Learn. Japanese. Now”.
    Oh boy.
    Having just come back from Japan and then stopping over in Hawaii and trying to mangle my way through J-speak with your dad’s Hawaiian and Japanese cousins, this is an impossible task, perhaps Unforgivable.
    But the remake of “Unforgiven?”
    Too cool.

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