This has got to be one of the coolest commercials ever made… Can you figure out what it’s for before the end?
According to the comments over at YouTube, the song is called Hatsukoi by Mayumi Kojima (hatsukoi means “first love”).

7 thoughts on “hatsukoi

  1. Hey nice blog. Like the movies and content!
    I usually read Quaisi’s blog?? (clue: He’s just had a baby!), anyway, I linked to you from him!
    Hope Japan is still good.. I miss it, but then again, I was a tourist! 🙂

  2. That is one of the coolest advertising I’ve ever seen. I watched it again and I understood the link with super mario.
    The coolest scenes are the kids on the subway dodging an obstacle and the kid hit by the bus on his feet matrix-like.
    The music is just brilliant too. So much I want to find it. I will be back to Japan soon for a couple of weeks. It will be a good opportunity to get my hand on that! If I have a week end I will take the opportunitu to go in Kansai. So we can have a beer :o)

  3. Hi Justin,
    I need your help. That music is haunting me.
    Would you know how I could stream this out from the internet?
    I really want it. I’m thinking of buying the whole album but I need my fix.

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