6 thoughts on “hatsukoi”

  1. Hey nice blog. Like the movies and content!
    I usually read Quaisi’s blog?? (clue: He’s just had a baby!), anyway, I linked to you from him!
    Hope Japan is still good.. I miss it, but then again, I was a tourist! 🙂

  2. That is one of the coolest advertising I’ve ever seen. I watched it again and I understood the link with super mario.
    The coolest scenes are the kids on the subway dodging an obstacle and the kid hit by the bus on his feet matrix-like.
    The music is just brilliant too. So much I want to find it. I will be back to Japan soon for a couple of weeks. It will be a good opportunity to get my hand on that! If I have a week end I will take the opportunitu to go in Kansai. So we can have a beer :o)

  3. Hi Justin,
    I need your help. That music is haunting me.
    Would you know how I could stream this out from the internet?
    I really want it. I’m thinking of buying the whole album but I need my fix.


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