obvious conclusion

me: i need to delete this chat later
Taro: hahaha
me: or my grandchildren will know what a disgusting old man their grandfather is when they go through my gmail account
Taro: How?
me: you can access all of your past chat sessions through gmail
look at the Chat item in the menu on the left
Taro: oh
but it was not me
it was not written by Taro.
me: holy shit, I am not me, either!
who the fuck is taro?
who the fuck are you?
Taro: I dont know
me: dont write depraved shit here!
Taro: maybe somebody just broke in this chat
me: hah
you’re a hacker!
Taro: bad people
me: i am innocent!
oh wait… i’m a hacker, too!
Taro: not me
me: i’m not me, you’re not you

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