Chikan ha akan

Finally: Sweet, sweet justice.
After my little sister got stalked home by some sicko in Sakai last year, I have absolutely zero sympathy for these fuckers. I’m also happy there were a couple of off-duty cops involved, as it may prevent the civilians who took the guy down from getting in trouble.

5 thoughts on “Chikan ha akan

  1. The chikan problem is terrible embarrassment for Japan and the molesters are sick bastards who deserve to have the book thrown at them… but it shouldn’t be a death-penalty crime, and the guy didn’t have a chance for due process of the law. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know that anyone involved did anything wrong, but the loss of life is a tragedy.

  2. P.S. If it were my own daughter involved, I’d want to beat the creep to within an inch of his life, but I wouldn’t be right to take that last inch.

  3. Molester or not, here in the states there would a a massive wrongful death claim brought by the molester’s family or estate.
    Even though – if he actually is the molester, he deserved it. But there are no due process findings in vigilante justice, unfortunately…

  4. Vengefulness fed by anger is dangerous at best. Oftentimes self-preservation gets left behind. I hope I never have the opportunity to find out.

  5. What motherf**king bastards.. they derserve to be burnt in hell. seriously. have you heard of how outrageously AUDACIOUS they can get? one whole gang of men CONSPIRING to grope, fondle and RAPE a helpless women in public! despite her cries and screams, just to fulfil their own selfish desires at the expense of the traumatised women.
    what a f**king misogynistic society… and hypocritical as well. one one hand, you preach about the values and morals and respecting one another, humility and courtesy yet on the other you allow for opportunities for men to DEVALUE women and dehumanise them. F**KERS. IN PUBLIC.
    IN PUBLIC. and nothing done about this. you allow such a SERIOUS matter to be glossed over and concealed… and no serious legislation put in place to check the problem.
    DAMN all those rapists. may you burn in hades and karma comeback to haunt you.

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