Thai meatball

Thai meatballs (luk chin or look chin, depending on your preferred Romanization) are, like sausage, popular and of mysterious formulation — you never really know what they’re made of, even after eating them. More important, however, is the dipping sauce. Good dipping sauce has saved many a bad meatball, and sauce is actually one of the most important aspects of Thai culture.

3 thoughts on “Thai meatball

  1. Was the above meatball homemade or restaurant-made?

    I’m waiting for you to say it was homemade… and you still don’t know what went into it!

    1. Ah, this was a noodle place that sells meatballs as a side dish. There’s a lot of recipes for them if you google “look chin.” But you have to find a good sauce recipe, because that really makes or breaks it. I’ll let you know if I make my own sometime so I can recommend a recipe.

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