Allomyrina dichotoma

Female, I guess.

AKA Japanese rhinoceros beetle, Japanese horned beetle, or kabutomushi (カブトムシ).

They show up in our yard at least once a year. The males are more impressive, with their long horn. I was not shocked to read about their use in Chinese medicine, but I was surprised to see that researchers have discovered that their larva show anti-obesity and antibiotic effects. Thank you, Wikipedia!

1 thought on “Allomyrina dichotoma

  1. That’s a biggun. In Korea, as you get near the southern city of Daegu, there’s a kind of arthropodal and annelidan gigantism in evidence. We have similar species of beetles in that region; I got acquainted with some when I lived there from 2013 to 2014. And the earthworms down there are all at least a foot long and muscular, whipping around threateningly if you try to pick them up.

    In your part of the world, you guys have those gargantuan river fish, don’t you?

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