Raped by the Eye Doctor

Today as I was cleaning my glasses, I thought, “wouldn’t it suck if these broke,” immediately after which I accidentally snapped them in half. Bummer. To take a cue from Visa, let me sum up the experience by value:
A new set of Mononofu titanium frames: 25,000 yen
A pair of ultrathin lenses: 18,000 yen
The KA-CHING! look on the optometrist’s face when I asked for a rush job just before closing time: PRICELESS
On a more positive note, I got a haircut yesterday and therefore can drastically cut down on the amount of shampoo I use.

T’s Vespa


Originally uploaded by cbuddha.

I’m testing out all the various functions of Flickr to as an alternative to Mfop in order to preserve my moblog sidebar. There are two issues for my usage as far as I can see. Flickr doesn’t resize thumbnails to the size I’m using now. Also, I like storing my photos on my own server (not an option with Flickr).

Anyway, this photo is of a used Vespa 100 that T bought on Yahoo Auctions last year. We rode it around the parking lot at Tenri U and I fixed it when it stopped running. 🙂


This is pretty much what Al Gore invented the Internet for: MOTHER
I shit you not, this is the video clip of the year.
Update: It looks like increased traffic is causing streaming problems over on that server… Try again later, I swear it’s worth it!

HTTP in tha House

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Wow, that was some fly shit, yo. Now go make your own:
HTTP in tha House

Notes for Thai Trip

Nam should apply for an account so she I can use Mahasarakham University’s new wireless network. “The areas which people can use this service are Computer center, MSU Plaza, Academic Resource Center (AREC) and Borromrachanakarin Building.”
I wonder if her brother can use any parts from my computer graveyard in his new net cafe.
Last year, a trip to the vet ended in death for Nam’s pregnant wienie dog mutt – her family suspected that the vet sold off the litter, but couldn’t prove it. I was dismayed to stumble upon a similar story of neglect here… It also infuriates me seeing animals for sale kept in small cages on the side of the road when traveling around SE Asia. Oh well, maybe sometime I’ll be in a position to actually do something about it.


Exactly two weeks to go until I put my life in the hands of JAL and escape on a ten day adventure to Southeast Asia – I can hardly wait! My pal, T, is flying to Bangkok on the 25th, and I’m out on the 27th. We’ll meet up with Nam the next day and we have no plans other than hitting up the Chattuchak street market the first weekend, them joining up with T’s ex, Natty, for a nice, dusty drive to the border of either Laos or Cambodia… I’m leaning toward Cambodia at this point; I want to much around the ruins before the next wave of kidnappings kicks off.
I was going to buy a D70 for the trip since they hit the sub 90,000 yen mark, but it seems that Nikon is bringing out a new, improved version (oh, so shiny! and new!) right around the time I leave, so I might put off buying a new camera until the next big trip. Oh well, it just means I can be more fearless with my old one (the one before it drowned horribly on a kayak outing, so there is precedence).
I love going to Thailand because I can pack ultra light and buy what I need there… The days are passing slowly, slowly.

The Office

Having heard great things about original UK version of The Office, and not-so-great things about its American remake, I promptly illegally downloaded purchased Seasons 1 & 2 of the UK DVD-rips DVDs and (ahem!) legally procured all available versions of the American show (up to episode 3) to find out for myself.
The verdict: I can understand how easy it is to jump on the naysaying bandwagon about remakes (my personal nightmare as realized by Hollywood: La Femme Nikita), but I strongly suspect a lot of the people talking shit haven’t even seen the UK version. I laughed as much during the American episodes as I did the UK ones, and think that if anything, they compliment each other brilliantly – even the subtle contrasts in office environment, for example, offer a peek into the core differences of our societies (I don’t imagine there will be many mid-day drinking scenes in the office in the US version, for instance). The overall comedy styles are quite different, but more importantly, they are entirely compatible. Sometimes seeing the same scene in the UK version as performed by the US cast makes for great comedy in itself. I think a lot of hard work by the cast and creators has paid off for both versions.
Now I’m just waiting for a “The Kaisha” spinoff starring Salaryman.
(Thanks to Mandy for getting me interested in this show; Wattstax review coming soon)

In the Inbox

From the girlfriend (who never bothered to get her driver’s license until now):
“How are you doing? It is very hot today!
I am happy to be driving everywhere, I can turn left and right and turn around!
(Don’t say that I can’t drive anymore! Bitch! I can do if I want to do! hahaha!)”
Is it obvious why I love this woman (and are these awesome English teaching credentials or what?).

Spin Cycle

Ten days ago, my girlfriend went back to Thailand to gather material for her doctorate.
Nine days ago, I woke up with a hangover the size of Uluru and felt nauseous as well as lonely.
Eight days ago, I washed a huge pile of dishes and decided from then on to use the same frying pan, plate, and set of chopsticks until my girlfriend gets back in mid-May (actually, I’m kind of lying because the plate has hardly been used).
Seven days ago, I did a load of laundry but forgot to hang it out to dry (there are no dryers in Japan as the Shinto and Buddhist faiths explicitly prohibit static electricity).
Six days ago, I added more clothes to the damp load in the washer and cycled it again, but forgot to hang it out to dry.
Five days ago, I added more clothes to the damp load in the washer and cycled it again, but forgot to hang it out to dry.
Four days ago, I added more clothes to the damp load in the washer and cycled it again, but forgot to hang it out to dry.
Three days ago, I added more clothes to the damp load in the washer and cycled it again, but forgot to hang it out to dry.
Two days ago, I added more clothes to the damp load in the washer and cycled it again, but forgot to hang it out to dry.
Yesterday I ran out of boxers. Normally I would just recycle them since I’m in bachelor mode, but I haven’t had to recycle shorts for so long that the thought of it actually bothers me a little bit. I packed the entire wash into a huge trash bag and walked to the laundromat looking like a hobo. When I arrived, there was a girl sitting on the dryer, and I was of course wearing no shorts under my blue jeans…

Hitori de Hanami

Yesterday was my company hanami. I didn’t feel much like drinking from noon, so I went at around four-fifteen. It’s only about fifteen minutes up to the top of Magata-yama, where it was being held, so I bought a tall can of Asahi at the bottom of the hill and hiked up. I looked for my party for half an hour and they weren’t there, so I sat under a secluded grove of sakura, sipped my beer, and went back home.
The people at work obviously have no idea what a real hanami is.