2 thoughts on “Iris Chang

  1. Disturbing and beautifully written. Bi-polar disorder is the rabid monster that hides under the bed and in the dark closets of the mind. With all her amazing talents, loving and supportive family and friends, a brilliant career and well-earned income, Iris Chang chose to end the relentless pain and escape the raging emotions which consumed her.
    Did you read “The Rape of Nanking?” Powerful stuff.
    My dad had an old book on the Russo-Japanese War which had pictures of this horrific episode in China’s history…raped babies, bayonetted and gutted women, children, etc… Too Bad that The Japanese nationals who consider themselves victims of American atrocities, don’t care or don’t know about their own government’s brutal, racist and dehumanizing conduct in China, Korea, the Philippines and other places as well….and they wonder why China would like an apology?

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