So much anger…

On behalf of my host country, I would like to extend an official apology to another nearby country:
Now shut the fuck up and revise your own history books, you fucking commies! (and learn to throw rocks/eggs/bottles in a slightly more manly fashion while you’re at it!)
Between this Japan/China shit and the whole papal buttgasm, there’s hardly a slot for good old-fashioned car chases and Amber alerts on CNN, dammit!

5 thoughts on “So much anger…

  1. LOL! That’s the best take I have heard on this yet! (I’m Chinese-born, so I know!) The Chinese government has created a public relations bonanza with this issue – and now they need to shut up.
    It takes balls to be this honest and blunt, so thank you.

  2. Jigyaku shikan

    History textbooks are about much more than history. Describing Japanese expressions of remorse as “jigyaku shikan”, grandly translated as “masochistic historiography”, is an expression of frustration that so many seem not to have accepted, or to believ…

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