8 thoughts on “No work for 12 days!

  1. Ahhhh, such a wonderful thing for Leo/Tiger….a chance to prowl and growl through someone else’s concrete (and real) jungle! Have fun eating weird things and challenging your immune system!

  2. hey justin. my name is jamie. i couldn’t find an email for you on your blog, so i’m trying to reach you this way. i came across this blog while searching the net for information on kittens with swollen eyes. it sounds like yoda had the same problem my little orphan is having. my orphaned kitten is about 3 weeks old; too young for oral antibiotics and this morning the eye which was swollen and grotesque burst! what did you do when this happened to your kitty? i saw that he lived. you cleaned daily, what kind of fish oil did you use? anyways, i hope you get this message. please respond if you do! jalynned@yahoo.com

  3. jamie, i’m no pro and recommend you see a vet about your kitties; that being said Yoda’s eye burst once and then healed over again after a week or so. the vet gave us medicinal eye drops and a pure water solution with which to flush his eye. we fed him standard cod oil capsules on a hunch and this seemed to help as well – once over the initial danger period, Yoda healed quickly. good luck with your kittens!

  4. Hey Justin!
    I hope you’re having a good time in Thailand! C’est si bon d’etre en vacances !
    Say hi to Nam ! I may go to Japan on July with my family!
    Sophie K

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