a damn good trip

My friends, I just came back from a most excellent vacation. It was so good, here I am writing about it instead of answering the 1,106 e-mails in my inbox, for fear I will forget the highlights before having a chance to write them down. Just a note before I start: Between the auto-downloaded TV torrents I previewed last night and the ever-dull CNN feed before work today, it is apparent that the only significant news I missed during my respite is that JACK BAUER HAS SINGLE-HANDEDLY INVADED CHINA (presumedly to direct attention away from historic Japanese atrocities by creating a new American one), and that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
OK, so the big news for this trip is that the girl and I got engaged!
I went shopping for an engagement ring and T (who I met up with on Khaosan Road) introduced me to the shop where he bought his a few years back… To make a long story short, I was able to buy a totally awesome ring without having to mortgage my left nut, via my superior skills of mental ninja persuasion (“These are not the droids you are looking for…. now give me a 70% discount, imperial scum, and there shall be NO VALUE ADDED TAX, EITHER!“). I proposed to the love of my life the very same night, and the facts that we were completely hammered on cheap cocktails and that she said “yes” were completely separate issues, I assure you. I awoke the next day a very happy man, greatly relieved that being engaged to your girlfriend of twelve years is much like having a girlfriend for twelve years, except with a really nifty ring (although to cover my bases I should probably acknowledge that there may be a bit more to it than that). Hey, I have to leave a few nuggets of wisdom for the shorties, so that’s that.
After a couple of days in Bangkok we (me, the girl A.K.A. Nam, T, Go-kun, and Nutty A.K.A. “T’s ex”) went on a roadtrip to Nam’s home province of Mahasarakham. We are planning on moving there next year, so I was mainly there to do two things, scope out business opportunities, and to ask for Nam’s hand in marriage.
We arrived on the night of her father’s birthday party, so I held off on having the big talk for a few days since things hadn’t gone so well when Nam tried to talk to him alone previously. I decided on a head-on, no-holds-barred strategy early on and just decided to wait for the right moment. Also, luckily, I had the foresight to present him with not one, but two bottles of single-malt scotch for his birthday, so everyone was quite amicable when the moment came. I know by now I must seem like a real bastard for solving all my problems with booze, but what can I say? Alcohol is legal, beeeyotches (Note: Kids, do NOT try this at home or without parental supervision. The intentional misuse of alcohol is for RESPONSIBLE ADULTS ONLY.). And, more to the point, her parents agreed to our marriage! (Note to shorties: Wuteva works, works. Wut. Eva.)
Photos shall follow in the days to come. During this trip, I took one of the best photos I have ever taken, and I’m extremely proud to admit that I took it completely by accident (the miracles of modern technology and worn out shutter releases, et al). And now I must return to my unread e-mails, which from the look of it are fornicating like fuzzy rabbit-monkeys on crack, in heat.

15 thoughts on “a damn good trip

  1. Yayyyy!Hooorayyy!I’m happy for you and lovely Nam, Justin. Now, when can we plan to visit our future in-laws and celebrate In Style? Yeah, they get to meet their future Outlaws and I promise to try and behave. Congrats!

  2. stupendous news! congrats to you and Nam! I shall have to hold you to your earlier promise to drink together when you returned to Japan! great to hear that you’ve finally done the right thing ;-). gimme a ring when you can git yer butt to Kansai. The T bar awaits…although it sucks now….we may have to go to Shinji’s new dive in Shinsaibashi. regardless, i’m psyched for you both!

  3. Congratulations!!! Felicitations mon ami!
    I’m so happy for you guys!
    Now just let us know when you get maried!
    Give a big kiss to Nam from me, and one for you!
    Sophie K
    I’ going to Japan on July, I hope you’ll still be there!

  4. Damn, I stumbled onto this kind of late. Based on our conversation in the airport, I knew this was coming, but still, let me add my voice to the congratulatory throng.
    Long life and great happiness to you and Nam.

  5. just catching up on some of your earlier posts…
    congrats to you & your knock-out (and i’m sure smart-as-a-whip) fiancee!!!

  6. salut pet vaginal
    i’ve sand a mail to you and nam but it retourned to me and taro told me that you were in thailand .
    congratulation sophie told me for the wedding !!!
    i hape problems with my mum who went to hospital cause her boss has been bad , she at home since 3 month !!!
    but she’s strong .
    i ‘ ll be in osaka on tuesday .
    waiting for an answer befor
    bisous to nam a lot
    et bisous a toi aussi

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