How to Stop Spam SMS messages from True (TrueMove H)

I’m fairly satisfied with my monthly TrueMove H internet subscription; it’s fast enough and I’ve never run out of my monthly high-speed allowance (although I am careful not to download or stream too much with it). One thing that always bugged me about it, though, was the number of stupid spam messages I would receive from True, especially since I’m using this SIM with a Nexus 7 tablet (that doesn’t even have a phone function!).

Eventually, I got around to looking it up and found that it’s very easy to unsubscribe from the SMS spam sent by True themselves:

  1. Call *137 from the phone you want to unsubscribe (I had to put the SIM from my tablet into a phone to make the call).
  2. Press 9 for English.
  3. Follow the automated instructions (as of now, you press 1 to unsubscribe from SMS spam).

That’s it!

The only problems I have found after doing this for a few friends are that sometimes the system gets overloaded, and sometimes True has no control over 3rd party spammers – in which case you should look for an app to help filter your spam while praying feverishly that the spammers quickly die horrible deaths and are reborn as toilet brushes.


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  1. Thanks! I’ve just done this. Fingers crossed it works!

    I’ve been getting spam from TrueHWoW, TrueU, TrueMoveH, and others, but a lot of it is also just random spam from different numbers. I’m bloody sick of it! Any idea how to stop all the non-True crap?

    1. Most of the ones from third party senders also stopped after doing this for my tablet. It took a few days, but my overall message count is down by over 90%. Just try it and see if the other ones stop as well… Good luck!

    2. Sure call the customer service. A nice, English speaking lady will do everything for You. I got every day fucking horoscopes. For each truemove took 3 Baht from my account. Now I hope te nightmare is over.

  2. Great post! Thanks, that was immensely helpful! Would you happen to know how to set it up so that the SMS’es that do come from True are all sent in English? Now that I will only receive important texts from them, they will still be of little use if they’re sent only in Thai characters. :/

      1. To change SMS Notifications to English: Press *700 [CALL], then 1 (For English), 5 (Change Language), 2 (SMS), 2 (English), 1 (Confirm)

        Or, Press 9304 [CALL], then follow voice prompts to switch language between Thai and English.

  3. You can install blocking programs as well.


    Our Team uses “aFirewall blocker

    Musket Teams

      1. I am the owner of this blog. I never verified the link the reply above was addressing either way, and decided to remove the link (as reflected in the comment above) entirely.

  4. Thank you so much. I was having at least 5 SMS per day and they always call me every 3 days or so. I hope that will stop the automatic spam caller. As from now the option now to unsuscribe from SMS is 2. Number one now have become charge services.
    Have a good day.

  5. I am in the US and I could not dial this IVR number until I installed the TruMoveH WiFi calling app which can be found in Google Play. Then I enabled Airplane mode and turned on WiFi and was able to call IVR from US.

  6. Have any of you had an issue with messages that automatically subscribe you to charged services just by receiving a spam message via text? My Thai friend has told me this actually happens in Thailand with TRUE and I was shocked.

    1. Yes, this happens on all carriers in Thailand, and they generally blame the customer for clicking something they shouldn’t have, whether that’s the case or not.

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