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All that glitters

It’s perhaps a fortuitous sign that I realized the lip balm I borrowed from my wife is shiny before I got to work.

Fred Rogers, master of the old school

Spurred by the recent Garden of Your Mind video, I downloaded several dozen episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and showed a few to Max and Mina yesterday in the background as they played with legos and watercolors. Mina was indifferent, but Max was entranced for a good while. There’s a lot of talking on this show, and I seem to remember that being an annoyance to me when I was watching it thirty plus years ago. Max seemed to lose interest as Fred droned on and on about things, but perked up during psychedelic trolley scenes and horrifying puppet shows – just as I remember doing. So if you want to try something old school in your kids’ TV lineup, you might try MRN.

And of course, watching any breaking video is a good enough reason to show Little Superstar again:

How to solve unsaved tabs error with Google Chrome

Is Google Chrome not saving tabs or sessions after a recent update, even after you’ve checked the appropriate box in the settings (“Continue where I left off”)?

Try disabling the Google Cloud connector in the advanced settings. It worked for me!

Roscoe’s Chicken, Long Beach

Roscoe’s – approved by the Yoshida Clan. 5 thighs for $6 (take out only) cannot be beat. We tried the chicken, fries, and waffles, and ate them in a huge park we passed by. Next time, we’ll try the mac n cheese, collard greens, and sweet potato pie. Please excuse the chicken-grease-on-cellphone-lens photos.