168 hours of “where’s mommy?”

Nam left for Japan last night and will return in exactly one week. Mina slept like a log, but Max woke up a bunch of times and needed attention… I’m sure they’ll take turns throughout the week, but for today, Mina is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, Max is eating and recharging slowly, and daddy needs a lot more sleep. Luckily, our favorite nanny (P’Kaew) is working for us again and comes every day to help out.

1 thought on “168 hours of “where’s mommy?”

  1. How lucky are you guys that P’Kaew is back at your home, especially now! I think mommy will suffer more separation anxiety (and relaxation, I hope) than the kids.
    Gambare, daddy! Oh, and Happy Daddy’s Day!

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