Hak Na Sarakham

Maha Sarakham University, where my wife works, paid off the right people to make a sappy love story movie (the kind that makes the most money here) about the university and our town in general called “Hak Na Sarakham” (Laotian … Continue reading

Whoring in Japan

A commenter on a post I wrote last year has summarized what it’s like to be professionally serviced in Japan, complete with typical prices and the phrase, “moistened antibiotic towelette.” How to pay for sexy sexual sex in Tobita Shinchi, … Continue reading

Water Business

I thought some translator was having fun when I saw a reference to “JR East Water Business Company” on this photo of a vending machine employing a facial recognition system. As it turns out, it was somebody in a higher … Continue reading

Power, Fame, or Winning?

I thought the Guardian really had something with their Charlie Sheen v Muammar Gaddafi quiz, but NY Mag did them one better with It’s Time to Play ‘Sheen, Beck, or Qaddafi?’ Yo should go check those out, but remember, these … Continue reading

Wat Ban Donnad

A couple months ago, when it was still “cold,” we visited a temple that we’d been hearing of for a while, Wat Ban Donnad (Wat Ban Don Nad?). At the end of a long, broken dirt road that runs through … Continue reading

a seed

Max, in twenty years will you remember when daddy told you that chicken pox causes you to see Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes in black in white? Because it was actually a PAL to NTSC-J conversion problem. I hooked up your … Continue reading

Poxy Varicella

I came home yesterday after lecturing for two days, fresh off finals week, looking forward to a nice, relaxing evening and some much-needed sleep. Alas. Max has chicken pox. Which means Mina will probably get them soon as well. Trying … Continue reading